Thai Milk Tea with cold foam

Thai milk Tea

Usually enjoyed with Thai food, this bright orange tea is popular amongst many tea shops. It's sweet, creamy and strong which makes it very delicious and in our opinion highly addictive! In most authentic thai restaurants the tea is topped with evaporated milk but in our case we are topping it off with a cold foam and some yummy boba pearls!

What you'll need

  • Thai Milk Tea Bubble Tea Kit
  • Ice
  • Heavy Cream (optional)
  • Condensed milkย 


  1. Brew our Thai Tea following the recommendations listed on the tea package. Let tea cool
  2. Cook tapioca
  3. Add milk creamer and brown sugar to your personal taste preference
  4. Add a droplet of condensed milk
  5. Whisk 1-2 tablespoon heavy cream until slightly thickened. The consistency should be equivalent to melted ice cream.

Let's Assemble!ย 

  1. Add tapioca
  2. Half a cup of iceย 
  3. Add thai milk tea
  4. Top with cold foam and tapioca (optional)

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