Brown Sugar Creme Brulee Bubble Tea

Creme Brulee Bubble Tea

Ever wonder what it's like when a drink and a dessert come together? Our Brown Sugar Creme Brulee Bubble Tea is that perfect blend. This delicious drink is coated with brown sugar syrup, fresh milk tea, creamy cold foam and a crispy caramelized top. Is it a dessert or is it a drink you decide!

What you'll need


  1. Steep our Classic Black Tea/Roasted Oolong Tea leaves in your diary of choice
  2. Cook tapioca 
  3. Whisk 2-3 tablespoons of heavy cream until slight thicken. Be careful not to overwhisk as it will turn into whip cream

Let's Assemble! 

  1. Add tapioca *For a swirl effect, tilt the cup 45 degree and twist
  2. Half a cup of ice 
  3. Add milk tea 
  4. Add cold foam
  5. Sprinkle a generous amount of brown sugar on top
  6. Torch brown sugar until brown and crispy
  7. Top with additional tapioca (optional) 

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