Mango Lover Kit
Mango Lover Kit
Mango Lover Kit

Mango Lover Kit

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Mango lovers this one is for you! Everything from the syrup to our yummy mango jelly  we are pretty sure you won't be having just one cup. 

Kit Includes 

- Jasmine Green Tea / Classic Black Tea Leaves

- Mango Syrup

- Mango Jelly

- Instructions

- 6 eco-friendly paper straws **If you don't wish to have straws, please indicate in the notes when making your order

What you'll need

- 8oz cup (hot) 16oz cup (with ice)

- Water

- Strainer for tea leaves


Kit makes ~8-10 16oz drinks


Elevate your bubble tea experience at home with our easy to make kits. Whether you are having a date night in, looking for some fun activity with the kids or simply want to enjoy a cup in bed, we don't judge. 

**Suggested to be consumed within 2-3 months